About Me

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.
— Madeline L'Engle

Making up for Lost Time 

I was raised in a cult.

For that reason, I feel like a bit of a late bloomer in the whole filmmaking scene. The arts were taboo, so I never thought that an actual career making films would be possible for me. But thankfully, my family and I were able to get out.

Ever since I was a kid I have been enthralled by moving pictures, and was always thinking about how a person would go about accomplishing the things I would see on a screen.

When I was young, my dad passed on his old VHS camcorder to my brothers and I, and the feeling I felt when I was able to use that camera on my own was indescribable. We spent hours upon hours making goofy shorts and music videos for our own enjoyment. 

Since then I dabbled as much as I could in video around the church we attended, and tried to be creative with home videos, as that was really my only film-related creative outlet. But once I was able to remove the chains of my past, I knew I had to try and pursue this passion for filmmaking that had never left me. 

That same kid who watched ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ in awe at his grandparent’s house (we weren’t allowed to have a TV) lives on inside me, and I feel incredibly privileged to have the freedom to do what I do now!

A few more things about me... I enjoy great food, the company of friends, travel, beverages containing large amounts of caffeine, and good Scotch. I live life surrounded by three beautiful ladies; my wife and two daughters. My other great loves are music, and of course, film.

Hair is overrated.

As I’ve gone through life, I’ve found that your chances for happiness are increased if you wind up doing something that is a reflection of what you loved most when you were somewhere between nine and eleven years old.
— Walter Murch