The first part of my film career has been focused on behind-the-camera skills, but to be a better filmmaker, I need to have more understanding of the actor’s process. Acting has always been of interest to me, but never something I’ve had the opportunity to pursue until very recently.

In 2017, I started researching more about acting and directing actors with the goal of becoming a better director. While on the set of a Hallmark movie where I was the location liaison, the 1st AD, knowing I was a filmmaker, asked if I would like to come out and be an SAE (Special Abilities Extra) the following weekend. They needed someone in the background who looked like they knew how to legitimately run a camera, and I fit the bill. And to be honest, I kind of got bit by the acting bug!

In the spring of 2018 I signed with an agent, James O’Neill of 4 Aces Talent (contact info for both my agent and myself can be found HERE), and have been doing some more background work. I’ve recently joined UBCP/ACTRA as a Background Member, and look forward to getting some credits so I can move up to becoming an Apprentice and eventually Full Member. Recently, I have started taking Meisner Technique acting classes at the Actorium in Vancouver.

It’s a lot of fun learning and exploring this craft!