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The Lucky 7 Contest

Do you, your business or organization need (or simply want) a video? Are you in the greater Edmonton area? Wingnut Studios is giving away seven professionally produced custom films, entirely free to seven lucky winners! What is your story? Let us help you tell it!


We will consider submissions in numerous different categories. There are more than seven categories, so make your submission compelling!

Click on the picture below to watch the video.

Corporate: Whether your business is professional, commercial, industrial, or any other category of business from white-collar to blue-collar; we are looking to tell your story.

Music Video: Strike up the band! Or if you are a soloist, that’s OK too. This may be your chance to show the world what you’ve got.

Wedding: Tying the knot? A cinematic-styled wedding video would be a dazzling, treasured keepsake!

Safety/Instructional: Getting your message across is important, whether it is helping customers, training staff, or helping to save time, money, or lives. Visually guiding people through systems and processes can be a vital step.

Dramatic/Short Film: If you have a script that is hot off the press or gathering dust on a shelf, this could be your time! We can provide the camera work to turn your vision into a reality.

Event: Capture the highlights of your event and turn it into something memorable for attendees, and/or something valuable for promoting your next event!

Fashion/Arts: The beauty of fashion, dance and other artistic expressions are perfect subjects for the lens of a camera. Our passion is to capture images that move people.

Sports: Are you a high-flying skier or snowboarder? Do you have a team that is on its way to greatness? We’ll help you catch the action!

Charity/Non-Profit: It is no secret, we love working with charity and non-profit organizations! We want to make this world a better place as much as you do, and would love to work with some groups we haven’t had experience with yet.

Commercial: A little different than the corporate category, a commercial is about 30 seconds of well-executed product or service highlight. Make a call to action that your customers can’t refuse!

Documentary: Is there an incredible person or topic that doesn't fall into any of the above categories, but has a tale that needs to be told?

How to Play: 

Lucky 7 Contest Form

To be eligible to win, there are two steps:

1) Connect with us via social media; either on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or sign up for our newsletter on our homepage. Or connect on as many of these avenues as you want... we REALLY like people who connect with us. Hint, hint!

2) Submit your story to us by email at or by filling out the form at the right of this page, and include the words ‘Lucky 7 Contest’ in the subject line. Then tell us your story and why we should make your video.

Deadline for submissions is January 11th, 2013 at midnight.

We can’t wait to hear your story!


-We will not film anything we feel is socially unacceptable, explicit, or anything at our discretion we are uncomfortable filming or participating in.

-Contest is only open to those in the greater Edmonton, Alberta area.

-Wingnut Studios uses licensed music in keeping with laws and industry best practices. Our services for this promotion are entirely free, however, there may be a nominal fee for using certain music. If this is applicable to your project, the average cost is approx. $50 per song. 

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