When it comes to my experience in film, I've had to wear many hats, and I enjoy each job immensely. But it's been a journey of discovery, and while I love so many aspects of film, as with anything there are certain aspects I like more than others. I've been working hard to cultivate what I consider to be my greatest joys, and also round out my experience so I have a fuller understanding of the filmmaking process as a whole.

I never stop learning, and THAT is something I love.

My experience includes roles in the capacity of Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Camera Operator, Editor and Sound Recordist... often serving in more than one role at once out of necessity. Some of my work has been televised and played at film festivals around the world. And although film is my first love, I have had experience making hundreds of corporate and non-profit video projects, a few of which can be viewed in my Project Archive.

Scroll down to see a selection of the most recent projects I've been involved in. You can also see an official filmography on IMDb.


The Human Project


About The Human Project: Though narrative film, animation, teaching and historical examples; The Human Project is a film series that explores culturally relevant questions about what it means to be human. Filmed on four continents, it seeks to address and discuss dehumanization and human value. Find out more about The Human Project on IMDb.

Run The North


About Run the North: Run the North is a 48 minute documentary film about a motley group of adventurers who gather to challenge an extreme cold-weather marathon in the wilds of the 'Polar Bear Capital of the World'. Each individual has their own incredible story of what is driving them to do something most people would consider crazy, and along the way find an unexpected story of reconciliation between estranged communities. Run the North has been televised in Canada and had screenings from the Yukon to Oklahoma. Check out Run the North on IMDb.